Supplements to Prevent Heart Disease in Dogs

Supplements to Prevent Heart Disease in Dogs

Just like with humans, heart diseases are some of the scariest illnesses in dogs. Not only can they cause great discomfort, but they can pose a serious threat to dogs’ lives.

Early detection is the best way to prevent heart diseases. This way, you could adjust your dogs’ lifestyle and supply them with the necessary nutrients for heart development.

How Common is Heart Disease in Dogs?

There are a number of different heart diseases which may affect dogs in their lifetime, all of which can prove problematic.

First on the list is chronic valvular disease, in which the blood flows backward because of irregular heart valves. Another one is the dilated cardiomyopathy. This happens when the heart can no longer supply the body with enough blood as the heart muscles grow thinner and weaker.

Hypertension is a precursor to developing heart disease. If not addressed, it can lead to heart murmurs and seizures.

Heart diseases are often congenital. Some congenital heart diseases are inactive at first, but they could be triggered by old age, imbalanced diet, and irregular physical activities.

What Are The Symptoms Of Heart Disease In Dogs?

Dogs with heart disease may experience coughing after a strenuous exercise. They also experience shortness of breath even for mild physical activity. This is because the heart cannot properly supply oxygen throughout the body/

They may also experience seizures with vomiting or fainting even without any physical activity. Dogs with heart diseases are also frequently lethargic and have irregular sleeping patterns.

If you spot any of these symptoms, it’s best that you immediately consult your veterinary.

How To Treat Heart Disease In Dogs

Most heart diseases can no longer be treated completely without surgery. This is why most experts prescribe nutritional supplements to reduce the signs and symptoms of heart diseases. Through this, dogs could live a happy and healthy life in spite of their congenital heart condition.

Vitamin D3 is one of the essential nutrients for the heart, so much so that the lack of it can trigger heart diseases. Vitamin D3 helps in repairing heart tissues and blood vessels that might be affected by heart disease. 

Another essential nutrient for the heart is Vitamin B6. It can reduce the risk of clogged arteries which may be caused by cholesterol and fat. It can also help with hemoglobin production in the blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6 are often combined in dogs’ multivitamins. They can be consumed daily without any side effects.

Healthy fatty acid such as Omega 3 is also great for the heart. It can greatly help in stabilizing heart muscles. It also reduces triglycerides in the blood and prevents plaque buildup in the arteries. Though Omega 3 is often found in hip and joint supplements, it has lots of benefits to the heart, kidney, and brain.

Heart diseases sure are scary, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for your dog to live a happy life with you. With the proper nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, your dog can defeat any diseases, including the scariest ones!

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