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Joint Supplements for Dogs

70% of dogs suffer in silence with joint pain.
Help your dog before it’s too late with our Advanced Hip & Joint support chews. These chews work to support your dogs' joints and help them thrive.

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These chews are proven to support your dogs' joints

Joint Support

Aids Cartilage

Lubricates Joints

Tendon Elasticity

Aids heart function

8 Ingredients. No BS.

Our active ingredients have been formulated by veterinary experts to ensure your dog is getting what they really need.


Shell Fish

Increases Mobility


Leafy Greens



Yucca Schidigera

Improves Mobility


Red Meats

Lubricates Joints

Vitamin C

Summer Squash

Increases Collagen

Vitamin E

Vegetable Oil



Flaxseed Oil

Repairs Joints


Salmon Oil

Reduces Stiffness

A warranty we’re proud of.

We want to make sure your Pup gets the right amount of time to feel the benefits of everything we have to offer. That’s why each of our products is covered by our 100% warranty for 90 days!

Any issues (big or small) email us at

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We get it, we know sometimes things sound too good to be true. That’s why we wanted to show you everything every customer says about us (good and bad).

Wuffes saved our marriage!

Alisha & Taco

Bruno is healthier than ever before! Thanks Wuffes

Craig & Bruno

Taking Wuffes is the highlight of Poncho's Day!

Anne & Poncho

Cindy now run s around like a puppy again!

Susan & Cindy
by Susan Fuller
56 minutes ago

Be patient - they work!

My Daisy has suffered from joint issues for 4 years. Since then we have tried everything from Water Therapy to CBD and nothing really worked. I tried Wuffes for 90 days and the first 30 days we saw minimal improvement. After 2 months I came out of my bedroom to see Daisy sitting outside my door. I couldn’t believe it. The last time she was able to walk up the stairs was 3 years ago.

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by Renee Worrall
5 hours ago

Thank you Wuffes!

Wuffes saved our dog Reggie. He could barely walk, then 8 weeks later he was bouncing around like a puppy. Thank you so much!

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by Paula Cohen
1 day ago

Buster Loves Them!

We have tested lots of different joint chews, but Buster has really taken to Wuffes. They have helped him stay healthy even in his later years. My only slight issue is they are a little expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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by Catilyn Falk
1 day ago

Great customer service

Our first set of chews got lost in the post which is frustrating. Their customer service was great though. Replaced them no questions asked. Had my two labs on them for the last 2 months and have seen great improvements.

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by Suzie Mitchell
1 day ago

A pill a day keeps Romeo healthy

We started taking Wuffes chews last year on the recommendation of our vet. Romeo used to be a regular visitor to the vet with lots of little issues, but since he has been taking Wuffes he has not been once! He’s the healthiest I have ever seen him :)

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by Mitch Smith
2 days ago

Good service

Wanted to try Wuffes after hearing from a friend about how good they were. Our dogs don’t have any joint issues, but they’re starting to get old and I wanted to be safe. Shipping was quick and they seem to care about their customers. Given 4 stars as we will see how effective they are over the long term.

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