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How To Settle a Dog's Upset Stomach

By TLC May 25, 2021 3 Min Read
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    Stomach aches are one of the most common ailments among dogs, so much so that almost all dogs experience it. However, not just because every dog experiences it doesn’t mean it’s normal and should be disregarded.

    An upset stomach can be a precursor to a more serious disease. It can also inflict more serious infections on your dog when left untreated. the good news though, is that the right multivitamins for dogs and other supplementation can help reduce the risk of a stomach ache for your pet.

    What causes dog stomach ache?

    Food is the most common reason for an upset stomach. Dogs either tend to eat too much or eat the wrong food. These irregularities in diet can trigger complications in their digestive system, which leads to an upset stomach.

    Acid reflux happens when the stomach produces an excessive amount of acid to digest a certain kind or amount of food. This can cause a burning sensation in the stomach.

    If left unresolved, it can even cause inflammation to the stomach lining, which will induce irregular contractions that may lead to vomiting.

    And because these acids cannot be broken down as nutrients and absorbed by the body, they will be released as waste. However, because of their natural composition, they tend to inflict damage to other parts of the body that they pass through, such as the small intestine, colon, and even the excretory system.

    This is what happens inside your dog’s body during a stomach ache.

    What are the symptoms of a dog’s stomach ache?

    Unlike other common ailments, stomach aches can easily be spotted among dogs.

    Because of the acid reflux, dogs will develop bad breath. They will also tend to produce more saliva and lick on everything around them to ease their stomach discomfort.

    They might even experience a change in their taste buds, and this is why they will have decreased appetite and a need for water. When the stomach contraction starts, they will also start vomiting, sometimes with blood.

    Lastly, because their bodies can’t properly absorb the nutrients they need, they will experience lethargy.  Some would even faint.

    What are the remedies for a dog’s stomach ache?

    The best way to prevent stomach aches is to be very careful with what your dog is eating. But because of their natural penchant for eating, it can be difficult.

    You can try introducing your dog to food supplements that ease out digestion. This way, your dogs’ stomachs won’t need to overproduce acid to digest food. Most food supplements not only help with digestion but can also prevent more serious ailments.

    For digestive supplements, you should look for the ones that are enriched with probiotics for dogs. They can help your dogs digest difficult food such as dairies and chocolates. They can help boost their immune systems, too.

    Some multivitamins also have natural digestive nutrients such as vegetable fiber and vegetable starch. Since they’re organic, they have less risk for side effects such as allergies. They can also be consumed every day.

    Dogs’ everyday eating routine can make or break their entire health. While giving time for their training and other activities, you should also be mindful of the food that goes straight into their bodies.


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