Hello, we’re Wuffes

Pronounced just like your pup would - woofs

A little bit about us

As Pet-Super Parents, we think know our pets are the absolute best. And we know how important our fluffy family members are to us, which is why we built a company whose sole focus is to ensure they can live their best lives for as long as physically possible.

The Full Story

Wuffes was born out of love and necessity. When my wife’s grandmother passed away, we adopted her aging dog who suffered from debilitating arthritis. Recommended treatments fell short, so we decided to look for better solutions. Many options contained harmful and unnecessary ingredients, with insufficient active components, which simply wasn’t good enough for my furry best friend.
Enter Josh, my Co-Founder and fellow dog dad. Together, we embarked on creating our own joint supplement, prioritizing top-tier active ingredients while ditching the read more
harmful inactives. Our products embody our commitment to helping improve the quality of life of our furry family members - we owe this to them, and we owe it to all our fellow pet parents out there.

Our initial goal was to make the best quality product, and that hasn’t changed. We’re not a faceless corporation, we’re dog lovers just like you and we genuinely care and want the best for all dogs. Because everyone thinks their dog is the best, and everyone is absolutely right.

With love,
Sam & Josh

We're the joint experts

Our mission is to make pet's lives healthier and happier to keep them by our side for as long as possible

That's why our team of in-house scientists and pet-loving experts create unbeatable products that keep our furry friends bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so they can be their awesome, back-seat-farting, rolling-in-what-they-shouldn’t-have selves.

Scientifically-backed ingredients

Made & sourced by our in-house pet scientists

Trusted by over 300k pets

Tried & tested by fellow pet parents

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Our world-class facilities

At the forefront of pet wellness

Where science meets love

We’re proud to work with state of the art facilities and research & development labs, led by vets and expert pet scientists.

GMP/SQF Certified

Our Advanced Hip & Joint Support and 23-in-1 Multivitamin chews are made at a Good Manufacturing Practices certified and SQF audited facility. This means that our products are subjected to rigorous GMP and SQF quality standards to ensure that your pet receives the best possible product.

In line with FDA CVM Guidelines

Wuffes complies with all stipulations of the Center for Veterinary Medicine’s national guidelines for pet dietary supplements.

Quality Control

All our products go through strict manual safety checks before they’re packaged to make sure our furry friends are getting the absolute best.

Made by dog people, for dog people

Meet a few members of our kick-ass team of pet lovers and experts

Sam & Pogo

Co-Founder/CEO & Chief Canine Officer

He's our source of inspiration, the starting point of all ideas, a visionary of the pet space. We’re talking about Pogo, obviously. Sam is pretty cool too.

Claudia, Chalino & Layla

Customer Services Associate & Lead Food Thieves

Our customer champion, and the best of listeners who can problem solve in the amount of time it takes Chalino and Layla to hoover a slice of salami.

Liz & Darcy

Product Developer & Lead Taste Tester

From formulating products to dishing out THE BEST training advice, Liz is the mastermind behind all of our pet wellness products. And Darcy likes to munch, so you can bet your last Twinkie that she’s the first to try all munchable goodies.

Misha & Sanson

Lead Developer & Chief Snorer

Ok we don’t really understand what Misha does. But he makes techy things happen. More importantly, we’re all madly in love with Sanson. And that’s why we keep Misha around.

Bri, Leo & Maple

Head of Design & Co-Packed Lunch Snatchers

Bri makes everything pretty, and how could you not with Leo & Maple as inspiration?

Oscar & Zucarita

Head of Operations & Resident Wrestler

Oscar heads up the wonderful team that gets our products to thousands of Wuffes Pack members, but we think Zucarita a little jealous. Not pictured - Zucarita wrestling Oscar to the ground right after this photo was taken.

Ari & Audrey

Head of Brand & Product & Chief Happiness Officer

Ari’s responsible for everything you see on this beautiful site (she made us write that), but really she only gets invited to meetings so Audrey will join. Because, have you seen that face?!