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What Are The Signs Of A UTI In Dogs?

By David Soffer December 13, 2021 3 Min Read
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    Just like humans, urinary tract infection or UTI is a severe ailment among dogs. It gives them extreme discomfort, which affects most of their daily routines and activities. Furthermore, UTI can be a precursor to more serious diseases.


    This is why understanding UTIs in animals is really a must among dog owners.


    What are the causes of UTI in dogs? 

    The causes of UTI in dogs range from psychological and physical problems.


    Stress and anxiety can cause UTI in dogs. This is why whenever dogs are exposed to a new environment, loud noises, and strange objects, they tend to have peeing problems.


    While these two can easily be resolved, the other causes of UTI are more troublesome.


    Serious physical ailments like bladder inflammation, kidney problems, congenital irregularities, prostate problems, nerve and brain damage, and cancer can cause UTI.


    Aside from the fact that all of these already pose great threats to your dog’s health, having UTI can also further worsen them.


    When a dog pee isn’t released properly, it can cause further infection to the body’s excretory system. It can also cause a lack of appetite, which will worsen various diseases like cancer.


    This is why early detection of UTI is essential not only for its treatment but for the prevention of a greater health problem.


    What are the signs and symptoms of UTI?

    The first sign of UTI is the constant need to go to the loo. And when they get into their position, they tend to whimper and even cry. This is because one of the major characteristics of UTI is the pain while urinating.


    The more obvious one is the constant licking of their private parts. Because of the excessive discomfort, they may even scratch it at times. They also become irritable and unruly.



    You can also track UTI through their appetite. They tend to drink more water but eat less, which will soon cause extreme lethargy.


    Your dogs’ urine may appear thick and cloudy and may have a pungent smell. Worst, they can even be mixed with blood.


    When these symptoms aren’t addressed, the more serious ones begin. They will get feverish, nauseous, and will start vomiting. When these symptoms happen, it’s time to consult your veterinarian.


    How to treat UTI in dogs?

    Consulting an expert is the best way to treat UTI. This is because you cannot resolve it without rooting down its cause. Besides, the major diseases that lead to UTI should be addressed immediately.


    Oral antibiotics might be prescribed to your dog. But aside from that, it’s best that you also equip them with essential nutrients to lessen the damage of infection.


    A probiotic food supplement that aids digestion can help the healing of the excretory system. Your dog’s body won’t have a hard time expelling the food since it’s digested properly.


    Daily multivitamins equipped with nutrients such as Iron, Manganese, Fiber, and Vitamin B12 will resolve UTI and help address the major disease that leads to it. Furthermore, they also boost immunity.


    Keeping your dog healthy with joint supplements is one way to make sure they are living a healthy lifestyle.


    To lessen the risk of more serious problems, you should be very sensitive to your pets’ daily routine, such as urination. UTI isn’t just a simple urinary problem that can be resolved with water.


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