Natural Home Remedies for Dogs

Natural Home Remedies for Dogs

Dogs experience various infections and ailments throughout their lifetime. While consulting a veterinarian is surely the best way to go, it can really be expensive, especially the medications they are going to prescribe.

This is why for experienced dog owners, finding natural home remedies for dogs is the best way to go!

What Are The Most Common Health Ailments In Dogs?

Some of the most common health problems among dogs are gastrointestinal ones. This includes stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, and flatulence. Because of dogs’ natural penchant for eating, they tend to eat everything- even those that can greatly upset their stomachs.

Fever is also a common ailment in dogs. Like humans, canines are also vulnerable to viral diseases such as influenza, mostly characterized by fever.

Skin problems brought by fleas and mites can be contracted by all dogs, even those with less fur. When left unattended, simple itchiness can lead to wounds, inflammation, and even alopecia.

During the summer and spring season, dogs can also be afflicted with allergies. Pollens from flowers, trees, and grass could induce excessive sneezing, stuffed nose, and watery red eyes.

Dogs are naturally active animals. This is why they’re very prone to injuries such as bumps, bruises, and even fractures. All of these can cause great discomfort to your dogs which may lead to lethargy, lack of appetite, and unruly behavior.

What Are The Best Natural Home Remedies For Dogs?

There are lots of food in your pantry that can easily address your dog’s gastrointestinal problems. Some of which are pumpkin, oatmeal, potatoes, and bananas. However, it is recommended that you do extensive research on the amounts of these foods as they can also induce more flatulence.

While it’s not really a home remedy, organic digestive supplements can also aid you in this matter. Gastrointestinal issues in dogs are mostly caused by indigestion. Probiotics-based digestive food supplements will help them properly break down the food so they get more of the nutrition and less on the tummy aches!

On the other hand, mild fever can be resolved with a cold compress. Pat a towel drenched in cold water to their paws and ears.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with distilled water can be a good anti-bacterial solution for flaky skin and wounds caused by skin allergies. It can also prevent the fungi from spreading. But because this solution could be really drying to the skin, you should soothe the affected areas with oatmeal after application.

Treatments to skin allergies aren’t always topical. Nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can heal wounds and treat fungi from the inside. These nutrients can be found in various dog food and multivitamins.

Home remedies for dog injuries could be a bit tricky. A cold compress can easily solve mild swelling and pain. But to solve joint problems, knowledge of herbal medicine is needed as its natural remedies include poison ivy and leopard’s bane.

Sure enough, not everyone knows herbal medicine. This is why most people prefer organic hip and joint supplements. These kinds of supplements are enriched with essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Some examples of their components are, Glucosamine from shellfish, MSM from leafy greens, Vitamin C from summer squash, Vitamin E from vegetable oil, Omega 3 from salmon oil, and Omega 6 from flaxseed oil.

These home remedies and organic supplements could use some extra effort. But it can definitely give your dogs ease and comfort without the medical side effects!

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