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Why Is Exercise So Important For Dogs?

Regular exercise is essential for all dogs. Not only can it give a happy and healthy life, but it can also prevent major illnesses in dogs.

However, because your dogs are panting does not mean that they’re doing the right thing. An improper exercise routine can cause more harm than good to your dogs. This is why aside from knowing the benefits of exercise, it’s also important to know the right physical activities that your dogs should engage with.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs?

Cardiovascular exercises such as running and jumping can strengthen your dog’s heart. They can also lower their blood pressure, making them less susceptible to heart diseases.


Simple exercises can also aid digestion. Healthy digestion not only prevents gastrointestinal problems but also guarantees that your dogs’ bodies will absorb the nutrients from their food.


They can also lessen the risk of obesity. While a fluffy dog surely looks cute, obesity can cause various hip and joints problems such as osteoarthritis, elbow dislocation, and hip dysplasia.


Physically active dogs tend to be happier. They are less susceptible to depression and also have a longer pain threshold. This is because exercise triggers the production of endorphins which triggers positive feelings and reduces pain in the body.


This process of hormone production during exercise can also enhance the neurological development of dogs. This leads to easier and faster reception to training. 


Lastly, regular exercise is a great avenue for dogs to socialize with each other. Dogs will automatically play within themselves when placed together in a park. Not only can they make friends with other dogs, but they can also find a suitable mate!

What Are Essential Exercise Routines For Dogs?

Going up and down the stairs every day is actually a good exercise for dogs. It can help with their muscle development and movement accuracy. Plus, it’s an exercise where owners don’t even have to go outside!


Playing fetch with your dog will never grow old. Not only is it great for their legs, but it also alerts their senses. However, if you would like to play fetch with your dogs outdoors, you have to ensure that they have a strong immune system. They might contract bacterial and fungal infections when going into the woods or sniffing the ground.


Swimming can be a therapeutic activity for dogs with hip and joint problems. Water reduces the pain while they stretch their bones and joints. Healthy dogs enjoy the water, too!


A daily running course can also greatly help your dogs. It’s a good cardio exercise that can prevent various heart diseases. It can also increase their endurance to fatigue. Running with your dog can also help you maintain your own healthy body!


The last activity you could try is walking. For less active dogs, a regular walking routine is enough. It is also an essential warm-up exercise before more strenuous activities to avoid vomiting and dizziness after exercise.

The next time you’re thinking of exercising outside, make sure to take your dog with you! It can help keep them healthier for longer. 

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Laura Robinson, DMV

Dr Laura practices at the Antonio Animal Hospital in California, where she was born and raised. She is an advisor to Wuffes, ensuring all our products and content is of the highest standard

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