What exactly is in the Wuffes CBD Isolate?

What exactly is in the Wuffes CBD Isolate?

Whether you’re looking to calm your pet’s worried mind or support their muscles and joints, Wuffes CBD Isolate Oil is here to help. Our CBD Isolate Oil is expertly blended by our in-house pet health experts and tailored to the unique needs of our furry friends. We only use human grade, scientifically-backed and sustainably-sourced ingredients, so you can rest assured your pet is getting the absolute best. Always.


Made with the finest, scientifically-backed ingredients

Hand picked by pet scientists to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.


1. Hemp-Extracted CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as CBD, is an active compound found in the hemp plant. CBD is able to reduce acute and chronic inflammation by activating the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD is heavily studied and scientifically-proven to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain and the severity of many inflammatory diseases. Great for - stress & anxiety, joints & inflammation


2. Coconut MCT Oil

MCT oil is a more concentrated and refined form of regular coconut oil that is easily absorbed by the body. This powerhouse oil is scientifically-proven to improve CBD absorption, making it easily digestible by your pet and improving overall efficacy. Great for - CBD absorption & inflammation


3. Fish Oil

Our premium Fish Oil is made with a blend of sustainably sourced herring, mackerel, sardines and anchovy, providing the ideal 18% EPA : 12% DHA blend for your pet. Research has shown that giving CBD alongside a high quality omega-3 oil significantly increases its effects, improving CBD uptake in the body.

Omega-3’s are also essential for the maintenance of healthy joints and supplementation so including them in your dog’s diet is scientifically-proven to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with joint disease. Great for - CBD absorption, pain relief & inflammation


4. Natural Beef Flavoring

Our CBD Isolate Oil is flavored using a delicious vegan, all-natural beef flavoring. It’s free from any nasties like artificial colors, preservatives or flavors and makes it super yummy for your pet.


Here's how the Wuffes CBD Isolate Oil may help your pup:

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce inflammation and swelling of the joints

  • Improve range of motion in pets with joint disease

  • Provide total-body anti-inflammatory effects

  • Alleviate general stress and anxiety

  • Keep your pet calm through stressful events (i.e. fireworks, car rides, trips to the vet)

Try it out today to help your dog conquer discomfort and embrace tranquillity.

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