Why Do Dogs Chew?

Chewing is supposedly a normal and healthy habit among dogs. However, some physical and psychological irregularities can cause destructive chewing.

If you don’t want your dogs to destroy most of your stuff at home, it’s important to know the causes of destructive chewing and how to prevent them.

What Is Destructive Dog Chewing?

Dogs tend to chew on bones and sticks for fun. It actually has a positive effect on them as it tends to strengthen their jaws and cleans their teeth. 

Normally, dogs would stop chewing on things when they’re told not to or when their attention is directed into something such as a game.

However, destructive chewing behavior is characterized by impulsive and excessive chewing. When dogs wouldn’t let go of the item they’re chewing in spite of redirecting attention, exhibit aggressive behavior when stopped, or immediately look for another thing to chew on, it is more likely that your dogs have irregular chewing behaviors. 

What Are The Risks Of Destructive Dog Chewing?

The biggest risk of destructive dog chewing is that it could really ruin objects around your house. They will tend to chew on stuff until they get completely destroyed.

Aside from this, it could also cause dental problems in your dogs. They will gnaw on anything even though their teeth can no longer handle them. They also become more vulnerable to bacterial infections and tummy parasites as these bacteria can easily enter their body through their mouths.

What Are The Causes Of Destructive Dog Chewing And How Do You Prevent Them?

One of the major causes of destructive dog chewing is hunger. When dogs are underfed, they tend to do anything just to satisfy their hunger. Feeding your dogs the proper amount of food in the proper timeframe is essential. But if they persist in chewing, you can opt to give them nutritional dog chews.


These dog chews will not just redirect the dogs’ attention from chewing on your stuff, but they would also supply them with numerous health benefits. It’s also highly recommended that you go for multivitamin dog chews that contain Vicontainingit prevents dental problems caused by chewing. 


Another reason is anxiety. When dogs are nervous or afraid, they develop obsessive-compulsive behavior, which includes chewing. 


This can be addressed by spending time with your dogs and regularly playing with them. Not only can it stop them from chewing, but it could also address the anxiety.


Boredom can greatly contribute to destructive chewing, too. Dogs are naturally active animals, so it could really affect their mental state if they’re left idle. This is why it’s really important to introduce your dogs to regular physical activities that could occupy their attention.


Aside from playing and exercise, you could also supply your dogs with regulated amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids as it is known to improve dogs’ overall mental function.


For puppies, chewing could be a sign of teething. At this point, you should give them dental sticks rich in calcium and fluorine to ensure the proper development of teeth. 


Dogs will chew for various reasons but addressing the causes of destructive chewing is important. It won’t just protect your dog’s health, but it will protect your house as well.

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