Supplements to Settle a Dog's Stomach

The stomach is one of the most vulnerable organs in a dog’s body. Because dogs are naturally inclined to eat, their stomachs tend to be exposed to various foreign objects that can be dangerous for them.

The condition of a dog’s digestive system can make or break its overall health. This is why learning how to take good care of a dog’s stomach is essential among for all dog owners. This may include incorporating dog probiotics and prebiotics into your dog’s diet and nutrition routine.

Common Stomach Ailments in Dogs

Acid reflux is one of the most common stomach ailments among dogs. This happens when the stomach produces an excessive amount of acid to digest a large amount of food.

Another common ailment among dogs is vomiting. This can happen for various reasons. It could be because of overfeeding, strenuous activity, or even stress. Excessive vomiting can cause damage to the esophagus and throat of dogs.

Flatulence or excessive gas release can also happen to dogs. While not really that much dangerous, it can cause great discomfort, leading to a lack of appetite and unruly behavior.

Lastly is diarrhea in dogs. This can be caused by feeding your dog prohibited food such as chocolates and nuts. Not only does it lead to irregular bowel movements, but it can also affect the stool of your dog. It can be watery with mucus and blood. Diarrhea often leads to dehydration, lack of appetite, and lethargy among dogs.

When left untreated, all of these gastrointestinal problems can pose greater threats to your dog’s health.

What Do Dog Digestive Supplements Do?

Just like with humans, dog supplements supply the minerals and nutrients needed by your dog’s body which food cannot give.

Dog digestive supplements help the dog’s body break down food easily without producing excessive amounts of acid. They also ensure that the food’s essential nutrients would be duly absorbed by the dog’s body and would not just be expelled.

They also help in reducing the risk of obesity among dogs which may lead to various hip and joint problems such as elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, most dog digestive supplements also have other health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, giving energy to your dogs, and improving the skin and coat condition.

Choosing The Best Dog Digestive Supplements

One of the nutrients that you should look for in dog digestive supplements is probiotics. Probiotics are special kinds of good bacteria that can help your dog break down all the food they eat without harming the stomach’s natural dynamics.

But unlike most vitamins, probiotics can only be consumed by dogs through supplements. This is because they can only be found in berries and nuts, which are not compatible with most dog breeds. In a way, probiotics dog supplements also allow your dogs to consume the good nutrients in fruits which he or she cannot eat. You may also consider prebiotics for dogs too.

Organic fibers such as vegetable fiber and vegetable starch can also aid the digestion of your dogs. Even though they are not as efficient as probiotics, they are preferred by some dog owners. Because of their organic nature, they pose less risk of side effects and allergic reactions.

Digestive problems can either put your dog’s life on the edge or not. But this isn’t something that you’re willing to gamble, aren’t you? This is why aiding their digestion with dog supplements is a must.

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