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How To Prevent Fleas in Dogs

By TLC April 20, 2021 3 Min Read
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    Some dog owners think that fleas in their pets are simply inevitable. They just think that all animals would have fleas one way or another and it is something they just need to come to terms with. The truth is, though fleas are fairly common amongst dogs, they are preventable. And so are the dangerous diseases that they may bring to your pets.

    How do dogs get fleas?

    The most common way for a dog to get fleas is through coming in contact with another animal that has fleas. Whole-body infestation is already possible when your dog acquires just a single flea as they multiply into thousands quickly and easily.

    Fleas then feed on to your dog’s blood through biting. This will cause the irritation and itchiness associated with fleas. For dogs, the only way to ease this is through extreme and excessive scratching, resulting in wounds and sores. These wounds may result in inflammation and hair loss.

    Aside from this, flea bites can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, making your dog vulnerable to more serious diseases and infections. This is why fleas can really pose great threats to your dog’s health.

    Can you prevent fleas in dogs?

    The first thing you should do to avoid fleas is to maintain clean surroundings for your dog. As much as possible, use a light disinfectant solution in cleaning their house as your dog may be sensitive to smell.

    Proper hygiene is also imperative and it is recommended that you bathe your dog every other week with a mild dog shampoo, and you comb their fur at least every other day to check for fleas and ticks.

    Like other dog diseases, a healthy body can help prevent fleas’ infestation and the infections that come with it. A balanced diet together with a daily dose of dog supplement is highly recommended.

    How to treat dogs with fleas

    If you have seen a single flea or piece of flea dirt (pepper-like speck of specks of dust) in your dog’s fur, you should immediately follow these procedure:

    Go to your dog’s vet and request an anti-flea shampoo. Not all anti-flea shampoo will necessarily work for your dog as it depends on your dog’s fur and the level of flea infestation. 

    An anti-flea spray consisting of essential oils can also prevent the spread of fleas. Just make sure that you consult an expert about it, as the wrong concentration of essential oils can also be harmful to your dog’s skin.

    If there are already lots of pimples, scratches, and wounds caused by flea bites, your vet may also recommend a topical treatment like an ointment to tend the wounds. While the application may be easy, preventing your dog from scratching and licking the part with ointment could be difficult.

    While preventing the spread of fleas and tending the wounds, you should also supply your dog with ample amounts of Vitamin E, Collagen, and MSM. These nutrients improve the skin and coat condition of your dog. They don’t just promote a faster healing process but they also prevent the further spread of fleas and the infections that may come with them.

    Fleas may be small, but they can cause great damage to your dogs. So, should you see just a tiny speck of flea dirt, it is recommended that you check on your dog immediately.


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