Which Dogs Need The Most Exercise?

Exercise is essential in a healthy life, especially in dogs. Since they are active animals by nature, lack of physical drills can trigger illnesses and diseases. This is why it’s important to create a daily exercise routine, especially for active dog breeds.

Which dogs need the most exercise?

While all dogs need an active lifestyle, some breeds should be engaged in more strenuous activities than others. You might want to skip on these breeds if you live a quiet life. But if you’re also an exercise buff, these breeds are perfect exercise partners for you!


Labrador Retrievers is the most active among dogs. This is why they are preferred in hunting, patrolling, and other strenuous activities. 


The next one is Border Collies. While they may look thin compared to other large breeds, they can endure long hours of running.


Siberian Huskies are also active breeds. This should go expected since they could easily pull sleds amidst thick snow. 


While they may not be as large as the previous ones, Beagles are strong competition when it comes to energy. They can endure an entire day of playing with their owners. This makes them a perfect pet for kids.



The next one is Corgis. Don’t let their short legs fool you! This breed can play fetch for long hours. If you have a Corgi, you must engage them with regular physical activities as they’re susceptible to obesity.


Lastly is the Golden Retrievers. Just like Labrador Retrievers, they can engage in strenuous activities without having a hard time. However, it’s important that you equip this breed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, and E to boost its immune system. Because of their active lifestyle, they can easily contract viral and bacterial infections from their surroundings.


What are the least active dogs? 

Just because you live a quiet and peaceful life doesn’t mean that you cannot take care of a dog. Some low-maintenance dogs would only require minimal physical activities every day.


The most peaceful breed is the Basset Hounds. According to their owners, they won’t even move when they’re left in the house alone!


The next one is the Great Danes. Compared to other large dogs who are active, Great Danes love extended hours of sleeping and rest.


Another breed that requires less activity is the Pugs. Though they can engage in physical activities enthusiastically, they just don’t have the endurance for it. After an hour of strenuous activity, they will seek a comfortable spot in your house to rest.


Lastly are the English Bulldogs. Regular running or walking could be such a chore for these fluffy dogs. This is mostly like because of their irregular built. Their short and stout legs support a large torso.


For dogs who can’t handle long hours of physical activities, it’s best that you equip them with hip and joint supplements. This is because they are more vulnerable to bone and joint dislocations compared to active breeds.


There’s a perfect dog breed for everyone. If you live a more docile life, these low-maintenance dogs are perfect for you.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for an everyday exercise partner, you can never go wrong with the active breeds.

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