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Common Dog Myths Busted

Common Dog Myths Busted

Dogs are the most common animal pet on the whole. But even though there are millions of dog owners, there are still many common misconceptions about how to raise them properly.

While some myths about dogs are harmless, some can actually harm dogs. This is why it’s important to know the truth about how you should treat your dogs properly to ensure a healthy and happy life for them.

What is the truth behind myths about dogs?

Dogs’ teeth don’t need to be brushed

Some people say that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans; that’s why you don’t need to brush their teeth. This is totally wrong. Experts suggest that you should brush your dogs’ teeth at least thrice a week. You can also give them dental stix, which they can chew from time to time.

Lack of proper oral hygiene won’t just cause dental problems in dogs, but it could also lead to several bacterial infections.

 Dogs should never eat human food

Sure enough, there is some food that dogs cannot eat, such as chocolates, coffee, grapes, and raisins. But it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t eat human food!

Dogs actually need some human food to get the nutrients they need. For example, they need red meats for Chrondoitin, which helps lubricates their joints. They also need fish meat for Omega 3 to enhance the elasticity of their tendons. These two nutrients are needed to prevent hip and joints problems.

You need accessories to train old dogs.

There are lots of training accessories available online. This includes training collars, sports leashes, and others. And the manufacturers say that you need these accessories to train older dogs as they’re less receptive than puppies.

This is completely untrue. With just the right amount of focus, commitment, and a couple of treats, you can still train old dogs even without these expensive training accessories.

Dogs don't need food supplements.

People say that food supplements could actually do more harm than good for dogs. They say that you should keep everything as organic as possible. Not really true.

There are lots of nutrients that dogs need, which can only be found in foods that are incompatible with them. This is why multivitamins are important as they extract the nutrients from these foods and re-formulate them so that dogs can digest them.

One great example is Biotin which can ease dry, itchy skin in dogs. It can be found in avocadoes that may cause an upset stomach in dogs. They can only get their daily dose of Biotin through food supplements.

Dogs can health their own wounds by licking them

Definitely not!

Dogs only lick their wounds to ease the discomfort they feel. They try to somehow cool down and numb the spot through their saliva. But there is no way that they’re treating them. Dogs licking their own wounds could even cause bacterial infections.

An open wound is also a good breeding ground for fungi. This is why it’s still important to treat your dogs’ wounds immediately.

 The truth is, it’s really hard to raise a dog properly. This is why as responsible dog owners, it’s our duty to research the truth behind these dog myths to ensure that they live a healthy and happy life.

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