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Calming Supplements to Help Nervous Dogs

By TLC April 23, 2021 3 Min Read
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    Dogs are sensitive animals. They tend to get nervous about various things around them. While nervousness is typical among dogs, it shouldn’t be disregarded.

    Excessive nervousness can affect not just the brain function of your dogs but also their overall health. This is why it’s essential to know how to calm nervous dogs, be that through nutritional supplements for dogs or otherwise.

    What causes nervousness in dogs?

    One of the most common causes of nervousness in dogs is fear. Dogs are generally afraid of loud noises, aggressive behavior from other dogs, and even painful encounters with other people. When they see the person who hit them before, they tend to feel fear immediately.

    Changes can inflict fear on dogs, too. This includes changes in the environment, people and animals around them, physical routine, and even eating habits.

    Another thing that causes great nervousness in dogs is separation. While it may be simple and inevitable for owners, being away from your dogs can take a toll on their mental health, especially if it happens very abruptly.

    Dogs also develop nervousness when they age. This is primarily because of the discomfort brought by illnesses that comes with aging, such as hip and joint problems and heart diseases. Their bodies’ production of essential nutrients for brain development decreases, too.

    What are the signs of nervousness in dogs?

    The most obvious sign of nervousness is aggression. They growl, bark, lunge, and even bite on anything and anyone around them.

    Their excretory system also shows problems when they’re nervous. They tend to urinate and poop more frequently than usual. Aside from this, they deviate from their regular eating pattern. Either they eat so much or so little.

    Dogs show irregular behaviors such as continuous pacing, restlessness, and repetitive actions. They also show problems in their sleeping habits in which they skip on their usual naptime.

    What are the nutrients to calm nervous dogs?

    The first nutrient that you should look for in dog supplements is probiotics. Sure enough, it doesn’t have a direct effect on your dog’s nerves, but it could address the symptoms that go with it.

    Since dogs tend to urinate and poop more, proper digestion is essential. This way, you can be sure that they still have enough nutrients and energy in their body to function. Probiotics are also essential in breaking down foods and medicines that will be prescribed for their nervousness.


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