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Our US Made, Delicious Chews Boost The Function Of Your Dog's Joints & Connective Tissue, Helping Renew Muscle Strength And Strong Bones For A Happy, Active Life!

We pride ourselves on providing only the best products for your pets, helping them feel happy, strong and healthy. This is why we’re offering our Joint Care Mobility Chews at a huge discount, so you can see how much happier your dog can be!

Made in the USA
Vet Formulated
FDA-Regulated Facility
NO BS 90-day Warranty

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee – It Works or Your Money Back

Our #1 goal here at Wuffes is to ensure you are 100% satisfied. If you are not happy or have not seen results after 90 days of use, we will offer 100% of your money back!

Based on 2,276 reviews on
by Susan Fuller
56 minutes ago

Be patient - they work!

My Daisy has suffered from chronic arthritis since getting diagnosed 4 years ago. Since then we have tried everything from Water Therapy to CBD and nothing really worked. I tried Wuffes for 90 days and the first 30 days we saw minimal improvement. After 2 months I came out of my bedroom to see Daisy sat outside of my door. I couldn’t believe it. The last time she was able to walk up the stairs was 3 years ago. She immediately sat up, tail wagging and it was like I had a new dog. Fast forward to now (just under a year of use) and it’s incredible. Me and Daisy are customers for life.

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by Renee Worrall
5 hours ago

Thank you Wuffes!

Wuffes saved our dog Reggie. He could barely walk, then 8 weeks later he was bouncing around like a puppy. Thank you so much!

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by Paula Cohen
1 day ago

Buster Loves Them!

We have tested lots of different joint chews, but Buster has really taken to Wuffes. They have helped him stay healthy even in his later years. My only slight issue is they are a little expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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by Catilyn Falk
1 day ago

Great customer service

Our first set of chews got lost in the post which is frustrating. Their customer service was great though. Replaced them no questions asked. Had my two labs on them for the last 2 months and have seen great improvements.

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by Suzie Mitchell
1 day ago

A pill a day keeps Romeo healthy

We started taking Wuffes chews last year on the recommendation of our vet. Romeo used to be a regular visitor to the vet with lots of little issues, but since he has been taking Wuffes he has not been once! He’s the healthiest I have ever seen him :)

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by Mitch Smith
2 days ago

Good service

Wanted to try Wuffes after hearing from a friend about how good they were. Our dogs don’t have any joint issues, but they’re starting to get old and I wanted to be safe. Shipping was quick and they seem to care about their customers. Given 4 stars as we will see how effective they are over the long term.

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by Joel Rose
2 days ago

Highly Recommended

We purchased a Wuffes Hip & Joint Chews subscription last Christmas for our Mom’s dog Mowgli. Every pack has come on time, which is not something we take for granted. Furthermore Mowgli seems to have had a new lease of life - he’s certainly making it much harder for me to get the tennis ball off him these days. I highly recommend Wuffes!

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by Ellie Castro
2 days ago

they really helped

I had kind of given up as the vet said my Roxy (german shepherd) had gone too far after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We tried everything we could to give her a comfortable life as she really started to struggle over the last 12 months. We thought we would give Wuffes a go after hearing about it online. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t cured her hips as that would be impossible, but we have seen a huge improvement with her movement and she seems a lot happier.

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by Roger Singh
2 days ago

Great Product Slow Shipping

Shipping took 4 days, I would usually expect things to come in 2 days so that was a little disappointing. However the product is great. Wilson loves the chews and even though he has only been taking them for 6 weeks, we already are seeing an improvement in his movement.

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by Esther Camper
3 days ago

Huge change in Bella

I adopted Bella just over 6 months ago and since then her movement got really bad. So bad that she was needing help to get out of bed in the mornings as her joints would seize up as she slept. We decided to try these joint chews after our vet recommended them. Little did we know just how effective they would be. We don’t know how old Bella is, but it’s like we made her 10 years younger over night. Could not be more grateful that you guys have given us a few extra years with Bella.

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by Henrietta Williams
3 days ago


I cannot fault the product. We recently moved to the USA from England, and the stress of the move seemed to have really affected our dog Churchill. He quickly developed Arthritis and his movement really diminished. We thought we would have to have him put down. Thankfully we found Wuffes 3 months back. Churchill started running again this week - I rarely write reviews online, but I need everyone to know how great Wuffes is!

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Your Pups Problems are a thing of the past!

1. The Problem

As dogs grows older, they begin to find it harder to do daily activities, even short walks can become a struggle. Watching your canine struggle with joint and hip stiffness can be incredibly hard, especially when pain relievers only leave them drowsy and tired.

2. The Solution

Our ingredients work to encourage the production of collagen and proteoglycan, both important in the production of joint cartilage, which means less aching and suffering, even for senior dogs.

3. Joint & Mobility chews

Choose our bites to help keep your dog feel stronger, flexible and comfortable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Why Your Dog Should be Using Wuffes!

Your dog using Wuffes.

Irresistable and natural ingredients.

Helps with swelling and flexibility.

Provides support so your dog can feel comfortable, happy and healthy.

Supports the natural production of cartilage to ease joint problems.

You’re using the wrong supplement!

Leaves your dog feeling drowsy.

Ineffective – won’t target the cause of the pain.

Unnecessary chemicals and nasties.

Possible Side effects.

Animal-Tested - Unethical Treatment Harms Animals and Your Conscience.

Other Dangers - Unknown Ingredients and Unnatural Substances.

Your dog deserves to live the longest, healthiest life they can!

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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee – It Works or Your Money Back

Our #1 goal here at Wuffes is to ensure you are 100% satisfied. If you are not happy or have not seen results after 90 days of use, we will offer 100% of your money back!