Double dosing is important for your dog!

From your last order, we found your dog was 40–79 lbs. Click the button below and you will receive a one month supply, at cost to ensure your dog can double dose.


Included in order: 2 tubs (1 month supply) - $29.90

Why do I need to double dose?

From our research, we have found a 62% increase in effectiveness when you double dose for your first month. Why? Because your dog has been deficient in these joint boosting nutrients for so long that you have to play catch up!

As you can see below

We also find that owners see results faster. For example, the dog on the left took 89 days to see better mobility, vs the dog on the right saw improved mobility within 54 days. Of course all dogs are different, and some see results quicker than others. But, we generally see double dosing yields faster results in dogs struggling with their mobility.


Included in order: 2 tubs (1 month supply) - $29.90

If I am using preventatively, do I need to double dose?

To put it simply, No. We only recommend administering the double dose if your dog actively struggled with their movement.

Are there any dangers for double dosing?

Studies show that glucosamine, if given in larger supplies than necessary can have a negative effect on your dogs stomach. Double dosing for a month should not cause any issues for your dog, but if you see a change in your dogs stool (loose or bloody) it is a signal that they may have too much glucosamine in their system.

It is extremely rare, but If you do find this happening - don’t panic as your pup will be fine. Contact a vet and begin to administer smaller amounts until your dog is better.

If you are worried, please reach out to us


Included in order: 2 tubs (1 month supply) - $29.90

Can I double dose for longer than a month?

No, please follow our advice. We created Wuffes to ensure your pup gets the perfect blend of joint boosting goodness. Giving them Wuffes is ofcourse good for them, but too much of a good thing can negatively impact your dog in other ways.

As we mention above, giving your dog too much glucosamine can effect their stomach casuing their stool to loosen or potentially show blood in their stool. So please follow our advice as we want Wuffes to work for you.

What if I don’t see results while double dosing?

About 20% of our customers report positive results within their first month. The vast majority see improvements in month 2, 3 and 4. Wuffes is all natural and takes time to work its magic. Be patient with us, and be patient with your dog as years of arthritic build up can take a long time to repair.


Included in order: 2 tubs (1 month supply) - $29.90

I have a question but don’t see the answer!

We try to be thorough in these FAQ’s, but I understand you maybe wanting to know more. Feel free to email us at or join our Facebook Group. There are thousands of other Wuffes customers just like you that’ll help answer any questions.