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By Dr Laura Robinson, DVM: March 30th 2022 at 9:17 am EDT

Dear dog parent,

My name is Dr. Laura Robinson DVM, and I’m a professional veterinarian.

Having loved animals all my life… I’ve been a vet for over a decade and have helped treat THOUSANDS of pets in my lifetime.

But today, I’m writing to address a pressing issue that most dog owners are turning a blind eye to…

Did you know recent studies show that every 1 out of 4 dogs in America suffers from a degenerative joint disease called Canine Arthritis?

It’s also the BIGGEST reason why dogs are put down prematurely.

It’s heartbreaking, but it's true.

And in all these years, it still breaks my heart to see a loving owner rush through my doors, teary-eyed, with their pet wrapped in their arms… only for me to tell them there’s not much time left.

But you know what’s really tragic?

How EASILY avoidable this is, provided owners acted on it earlier based on the common signs of the disease.

Common Symptoms of Canine Arthritis:

  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Lack of pace, appetite, and energy.
  • Not wanting to go out much, staying in bed all day.
  • Starting to slow down, lameness in walking.
  • Whining, limping, and crying out in pain randomly

Most owners shrug them off as nothing serious or simply disqualify them as normal signs of aging

What they don’t understand is that every second of their inaction could literally be taking away DAYS from their dog’s life.

What do I mean?

Dogs have cartilage in their joints that act as a cushion to allow the joint to move smoothly through its full range of motion. As dogs age, this cartilage begins to degenerate.

This breakdown results in cracking and flaking of the cartilage, thereby exposing the underlying bone. Upon movement, the exposed bones begin to GRATE against each other causing your dog
SEVERE agony and discomfort.

This can happen fast or slow but by the time dogs begin to express pain, irreversible damage often takes place and is very difficult to restore.

The Price Of Inaction

This eventually leads to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in vet visits, medication, physiotherapy, and surgery that can even climb up to 5-digits! What’s more frustrating is that powerful synthetic drugs can make your dog sick and therapy rarely shows quick visible improvements.

A life of UNENDING struggle and misery ensues, demanding life-long care and management.

Or even worse…


Many owners have personally shared being filled with grief and regret, wishing they could turn back the clock… Act on the symptoms sooner and save their best friend.

But they’re often too late.

You see, when it comes to Canine Arthritis, time is its BEST friend and your dog’s WORST enemy.

And since Arthritis is a progressive disease that gets worse with time, the last thing you want is to slack on it and put it off for later.

And if you’re not careful and avoid taking immediate action - like many unaware pet owners, there’s a high chance you’ll have to resort to expensive treatments in the future.

So the smartest thing you can do is to TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION once your dog starts showing hints of joint degeneration or reaches the age of 5.

And just like humans, your pet’s best line of defense is going to come from nutrition or supplementation.

Supplementation & Diet is the secret!

Feeding your dog a good age-appropriate diet is really important and one of the best things you can do to support your dog’s joint health is to give them joint-specific supplementation.

Packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients, supplementation is the cheapest and easiest way to protect and improve your pet’s overall joint health.

Although there are a few good ones, like most consumer products, there’s a lot of rubbish out there that make hefty promises but really have no proven benefits in the treatment of canine arthritis.

Subscribing to natural sources for joint-replenishing nutrients might sound like a wise choice but in actuality, our dogs are not entirely equipped to break all of them down into usable forms.

There are also many foods out there that can have negative side effects on your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Often times many of the stuff out there on supermarket shelves are cheap, synthetically sourced, and turn out to have zero nutritional value… leaving dog owners frustrated with the lack of results.

Being aware of the countless false brands out there and the effort needed to plow through them…

I took it to myself to find the TOP 10 BEST SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED JOINT SUPPLEMENTS that are favored by both vets and consumers. Once I got a hold of them, I sent them all over to my lab for thorough testing.

After weeks of running comparative tests and data analysis, we had one clear winner.


The Science behind my decision

This is really what got me looking into this product. In a market filled with lab-grown products, Wuffes Joint Chews are jam-packed with 100% natural, active, and extensively researched ingredients that are scientifically backed.

These include rich sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, like Salmon Oil and Shell Fish, that support cartilage and joint fluid as well as a healthy inflammatory response.

Moreover, it has a rich supply of joint-nourishing nutrients like MSM & Chondroitin that targets stiffness and Glucosamine for connective tissue resilience… ticking all the boxes needed to preserve long-term joint health.

There really is nothing even close to the quality and results that Wuffes offers!

What the public thinks...

With over 440,000 customers already and featured on huge publications like Yahoo, Fox, and Buzzfeed - Wuffes Joint Care Chews is highly rated amongst both dog owners and American Vets.

I was also quite amazed to find
countless positive reviews on the internet, matched with very few negative ones. CBS even labeled it as “highly effective” and included it on a list of “Products You’ll Love For Your Senior Dog.”

Moreover, they have thousands of raving fans and an incredibly devout fanbase who aren’t shy about voicing their LOVE for Wuffes.

Wuffes is also rated excellent on Trustpilot, the most trusted review site on the internet, and 5-star reviews keep pouring in… filled with stories of dogs with once-degrading joint health that are now pepped back up, enjoying life with healthy joints and frictionless mobility.

Should your dog be taking Wuffes?

Large, senior dogs aren’t the only ones to benefit from this versatile chew. As well as targeting stiffness and discomfort for old-timers, these Joint Care Chews also support small dogs and even young pups during vital stages of development.

The earlier you can begin a dog’s journey towards strong and stable joints, the better. These joint care chews have already changed the lives of 250,000+ dogs… a number that’s growing by the day.

That's why every single dog that visits my clinic (no matter size or lifestage) a tub of Wuffes. I have seen a remarkable difference in the dogs who take Wuffes daily vs those who do not.

What do dogs think?

This is where a lot of the chew brands fell flat. A brand might have all the essential nutrients but if your dog doesn’t find it tasty or palatable, they’ll simply sit on your shelf gathering dust because your pup won’t eat it no matter how hard you try.

But that isn’t the case for Wuffes Joint Care Chews. With the natural beef flavor, it won't be hard to coax your dog to take his joint chews.

Many owners can’t believe the changes they see as their dogs simply gobble down what appears to be a “treat”. The chews also come with a super-simple feeding guide detailing the number of chews required for your dog’s weight, breed, and age.

I personally have recommended Wuffes to thousands of my clients, and only a handful of fussy pups have refused to take them. What's more, is they offer a 100% money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose!

Value for money & their guarantee

Look, Wuffes isn't the cheapest supplement on the market. But I have seen time again that cheap supplements you find at Walmart and Petco can do irreparable damage to your dog.

Wuffes will set you back around $0.50 a day, but what you will find in the long term is a saving on Vet bills due to the massive health benefits your pup will be receiving over the long-term.

They even offer an autoship service that allows you to save an extra 30%.

By subscribing to their easy, cancel-anytime monthly auto-ship, you also get to enjoy insider perks like free access to their thriving Wuffes VIP Facebook group close to a hundred thousand members, huge store-wide discounts, and free expedited delivery.


But here’s the best part: If you feel like your dog isn’t enjoying all the benefits, they also have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

So, what's my verdict...

While conducting my tests we came across this incredible stat:

Wuffes was over 40% more effective than the 2nd best brand.

What’s even more astonishing is that we found Wuffes to have worked FASTER than other top supplements. Within 75 days we found that the dogs that took Wuffes were more mobile vs. over 100 days of using the other brands before seeing any difference at all.

Looking at the results, quality of ingredients, and its perfect blend, I knew I had to put it to use. Which is why I prescribed it to some of my clients that had canines suffering from joint pain.

And honestly, it’s been a game-changer for me and my clients ever since.

I used to get hundreds of repeat visits from dog owners before I started prescribing Wuffes, but now that number has significantly dropped.

Some of my clients have even said that their dogs, once declared lost causes, are NOW BACK on all fours, running around, dancing, and even jumping up and down the couch! Many have even gone as far as to say that it's the best dog product they’ve ever purchased and will do so for the rest of their dog’s life.

My verdict is clear as day: If you want your dog to run, walk, play like a puppy, see him live long and painlessly… Wuffes Joint Care Chews is definitely going to be one of the best health choices you ever make for your beloved pet.

Dr Laura Robinson, DVM
Award Winning Vet & Author

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