Famous Vet reveals her secret to stopping canine joint issues for good!

12 reasons why American Pet owners are choosing Wuffes Hip & Joint Care Chews.  

By Samuel Pearce, November 29th 2021 at 9:17 am EDT

After recently exploding onto the pet health market, Wuffes Hip & Joint Care Chews have become one America's top-selling dog supplements online...ever.

With over 440,000 customers already and featured on huge publications like Yahoo, even American Vets agree - it's the most essential supplement for longevity & health in your dog.

"If you love your dog, these joint chews aren't an option. They are a responsibility." says Vet, Dr Laura Robinson DMV.

Here are 12 reasons why every dog over 5 years old should be taking this chew daily

1. Better joint health has a HUGE impact on your dog’s lifespan

The #1 reason why dogs are put down prematurely is degenerative joint health. It's a largely accepted fact amongst vets and canine nutritionists that healthy joints give dogs a longer, healthier life because it massively reduces the number of life threatening issues they face.

2. They’ve Impacted The Lives Of Over 250,000 Dogs (already!)

These joint care chews have alredy changed the lives of 250,000+ dogs, and that number is growing by the day. Their customer are just crazy about. Take Susan, for example, “For the last few months, he has really struggled, even getting down the stairs was tough. We've been using Wuffes for 90 days, and his improvement is nothing short of miraculous. I highly recommend this!”

3. They have the best rating of any supplement on Trustpilot!

Customers simply can’t keep quiet about Wuffes Joint Care Chews. Their raving fan base is spreading the word as fast as they can online. Wuffes is rated excellent on Trustpilot, the leading review site, and 5-star reviews keep pouring in telling tales of happy pups enjoying life with healthy joints and frictionless mobility.

4. They're going viral in the press!

It’s not just customers talking about Wuffes either. The buzz has spread to well-known publications like Yahoo, Buzzfeed, and AOL who are all talking about Wuffes too. CBS even labeled this pup’s favorite chew “highly-effective” and included it on a list of “Products You’ll Love For Your Senior Dog.”

5. Backed and loved by Vets all over America

It's not just customers that love the joint care chews, Vets around the nation are also big believers in the joint care chews. As Dr Laura DMV put it "Wuffes has been a game changer for my clients. Before I was treating hundreds of dogs a month for joint issues, now that number is much lower thanks to Wuffes!"

6. They’re perfect for dogs of all ages, big & small

Large, senior dogs aren’t the only ones to benefit from this versatile chew. As well as targeting stiffness and discomfort for old-timers, these Joint Care Chews also support small dogs and even young pups during vital stages of development. The earlier you can begin a dog’s journey towards strong and stable joints, the better.

7. Contains ingredients that are proven by science

Each tasty joint care chew is jam-packed with naturally active, extensively researched ingredients. These include rich sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, like Salmon Oil and Shell Fish, that support cartilage and joint fluid as well as a healthy inflammatory response. Plus, MSM & Chondroitin that targets stiffness and Glucosamine for connective tissue resilience.

8. Manufactured In The USA In Federally Approved Facilities

Despite the incredibly affordable price, no expense is spared during the manufacturing process at Wuffes. They only create the chews right here in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, expertly selected from prime locations worldwide. For example, New Zealand’s rugged coastline is the home of world-renowned Glucosamine rich Shellfish, which is why these Joint Care Chews contain Shellfish exclusively sourced from this location. Better still, each batch of chews is 3rd Party Tested to guarantee quality.

9. “Incredible Value!” Try From As Little As $0.75 Per Day

Joint health doesnt have to break the bank. In fact, your dog can experience the incredible benefits of Wuffes Joint Care Chews for less than the price of your daily coffee. While they’re available for a one-off purchase, many customers prefer their auto-ship service. As long-term use produces the best results, plus it locks in significant savings and exclusive subscriber-only benefits.

10. Huge Savings With An Easy to Cancel Subscription Plan

By subscribing to their easy, cancel-anytime monthly auto-ship, you can save an extra 30% every month - and the process couldn’t be more straightforward. You’ll feel secure in the knowledge you’ll never run out of these highly sought-after chews. And you’ll enjoy insider perks like free access to Wuffes VIP Facebook group, 30% off store-wide discounts, and free expedited delivery.

11. The peace-of-mind you enjoy as part of the world's biggest canine hip & joint community.

As an owner, there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve ticked every box when it comes to your pup’s health and wellbeing, and that’s a feeling that Wuffes customers know very well. Becoming a member of the Wuffes VIP community entitles you to ongoing support from their team of pet health experts, as well as receiving advice from fellow customers who’ve already had fantastic success. And best of all, as a subscriber, you’ll automatically unlock 30% off to this range of high-quality products.

12. Your Dog Will Simply LOVE Them!

It’s all very well explaining the considerable impact these chews have on a dog’s quality of life, but that means nothing if they end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust because your pup doesn’t enjoy the taste. Well, thanks to their delicious beef flavor, supporting your dog’s joint couldn’t be simpler for you. Many owners can’t believe the changes they see as their dogs simply gobble down what appears to be a “treat”. The chews also come with a super-simple feeding guide detailing the number of chews required for your dog’s weight, breed and age. Oh, and just in case your dog is extra fussy, the tasty chews can be easily crumbled up into a mouth-watering topper.

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