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The Top Joint Supplements For Dogs

By David Soffer March 21, 2022 6 Min Read
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    As much as we want our dogs to be as healthy for as long as possible there are just those times that their health will fail. Most of the time, it is because their bodies are aging.


    Human years are different from dog years and dogs age faster than humans. Thus, their bodies will also naturally age, causing them to experience health problems. Sometimes, health complications in dogs can also be due to their breed and weight. 

    Among the most common concerns when it comes to a dog’s health are their bones and joints. There are specific dog breeds that are predisposed to joint problems and they may need to take supplements early on in order to prevent them from having joint problems as they grow older.


    Of course in order to ensure that your dog receives good quality supplements, you should be on the lookout for high-quality dog joint supplements

    How do you know if your dog needs joint supplements?

    Observing your dogs every day will help you assess their health condition. You will know that your dog may be experiencing some kind of pain if their mood changes or they suddenly deviate from their usual behavior.


    For instance, a dog that is active may suddenly not want to get up in the morning or refuse to take the stairs when experiencing joint pains. Likewise, a dog that is limping without any external signs of wounds or injury is most likely experiencing pain in the leg area, which may be due to joint problems. 

    Giving your dog joint supplements can help them maintain healthy bones and joints. In turn, having healthy bones and joints can ensure that your dog will be able to enjoy being active.


    It will also keep your dog from suffering pain due to bone or joint issues. Most dogs require lots of exercise such as running and walking in order to keep them from becoming anxious, restless, and/or overweight. If your dog becomes overweight it can also lead to developing joint problems. 


    What good quality joint supplements are available in the market?  

    Selecting which supplement to give your dogs requires a lot of research and comparisons. There are, indeed, a wide array of selection when it comes to joint supplements for dogs that it can be confusing which supplement to choose. When you search online for the top dog supplements in the market, consider the following before making a selection: 


    Veterinarian approved joint supplements 

    It is always important that supplements meant for animal consumption be approved by an expert on animal health. A quick search will let you know whether a certain joint supplement is recommended by veterinarians.


    A good starting point is to check if the said supplement has been approved by organizations that conduct independent verification of the supplement. A certification from such organizations makes the product credible.  

    Quality production  

    It is also wise to assess the quality of the product you are buying by checking whether the company that sells the supplement has commissioned reliable clinical studies. Most of the time, these companies are the ones that get certified by organizations that conduct independent verification.

    Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL) + chondroitin sulfate 

    These nutrients work best when they are taken together. Thus, dog joint supplements containing both of these products are usually what you want in your dog’s joint supplement.


    It is known to improve mobility and comfort, especially among older dogs. Joint supplements for dogs containing these particular ingredients come in different forms, including chewable, liquid, powder, tablets, and even treats. You can test which one is the easiest way to feed your dog before buying multiple items. 


    Specifically formulated supplements  

    Consider your dog’s age, weight, breed, and overall health condition when choosing supplements. Some joint supplements for dogs are meant for specific breeds and/or age.


    A more senior dog may have to take food supplements that are designed to address their particular conditions. For instance, a dog that is in his or her advanced age may need supplements that come in soft chewable forms or liquid form to help them easily ingest it.  

    Where can you buy quality dog joint supplements?

    When looking for a store to purchase joint supplements from, always consider the possibility of purchasing the same supplement again. Hence, if you are buying from a physical store such as those that are located in malls or those that have their own brick and mortar stores, choose one that is near your place or convenient to go to.


    But also consider the availability of the product you are purchasing. Some stores take time to replenish their inventory. As a result, there may be certain products that are not readily available when you need to refill your dog’s supplements. 


    These days, the most convenient way to purchase almost anything is online. Take special care in reading reviews of products sold online. One of the advantages of purchasing products online is that you can read through the reviews.


    You almost will not be able to do that in physical stores unless you chance upon a customer buying the same product as you who is willing to brief you on how good or bad the product is. 


    The most honest way to assess products sometimes is by reading reviews from actual experiences of customers who have used or who have been using the product you want to purchase.


    There are customers who will even share experiences of whether their dogs had adverse reactions to certain canine food supplements. People are generally honest when posting reviews online since they have no reason to lie about a certain product. 


    You can also inquire from your veterinarians if they supply your joint supplement of choice. This way, your vet can also brief you on whether the product you are planning to purchase for your dog is a good one or if you should try another brand.


    You can also ask more about the contents of a joint supplement from your veterinarian to help you assess whether what you are purchasing is the best one in the market or there are actually better ones. Another advantage of buying from your vet is that they are more likely to keep their shelves well-stocked and quickly replenish it because they know that pet owners need certain types of products more than others. 


    Wuffes has joint supplements in both chewable and liquid form as well as multivitamins for dogs to help your pet stay healthy however old they are. 


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